Thursday, October 1, 2009

“Goodbye to You”

So confused thou art
Thou was untrue from the start
With a phony reason from thy heart
‘Twas me thou pushed away
Nothing harsh to you did I say
Thou hast misperceived me to this day
A chance thou never gave
So your puny words please save
Your friendship I no longer crave.
Honest, sweet, and kind was I to you
I thought thou were nice to talk to
Wrong I was, never were you true.
‘Tis my fault; I trust too much
Pain do I receive as such
My heart you have left in a crutch.
An opportunity you did not take
To see the kind of friend I could make
But you could not see past my mistake.
My words and antics, only to explain,
But thou hast given so much pain,
Some of which I still retain.
Even though our “friendship” is no more,
Do not assume the worst me anymore,
Because you are still unhappy and sore
For one who wishes me away
Still so much you have to say
One wonders, Are you over me this day?
Whether the answer is yay or nay,
Please heed the words I relay
Over I have been, please stay away.
If thou see me, utter not a word
For it will sound silly and absurd
Good bye to you, my final word.

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