Saturday, November 14, 2009

“Just Let Him Be”

These final words I hereby express,
Words that I could no longer suppress.
Though many I have lamented and cried,
On deaf ears they fell whenever I tried.

Time and time again I affirmed,
Deep from my heart I confirmed,
That I was truly over and done,
But more words I had spun.

My words were not meant to disdain,
But to express my sorrow and pain.
My disdained feelings I did reveal,
Feelings which I did not repeal.

Although I feel anger and pain,
From now on I shall refrain.
Hanging on is no good for me,
What I feel will pass, this I see.

I hereby let go and release;
All words and attacks shall cease.
Yes; honestly and truthfully,
I will just let him be.

Friday, November 13, 2009

“Misperceived #2”

Misperceived I continue to be,
By one who presumes to know me.
To the one who continues to guess,
Only one dimension you see, no more no less.

Over you I have been; I am not fixated,
But, truth be told, I am irritated,
By how you treated me, how you pushed me away.
Am I not allowed to have my say?

Meeting you has filled me with regret,
Wishing that I had never met,
One who seemed nice and decent,
But became someone I now resent.

For my actions, fault is not mine,
Mine is thinking you were benign,
But underneath lay a deceiving swine,
A well-hidden, not-so-obvious sign.

As I read your words of “philosophy”,
Your words of wisdom and “honesty”,
Anger and disgust ever consume me;
Your “truthfulness” I never did see.

Threats to you, I neither stated nor implied;
Explicit ones I would offer, so why hide?
Recent words I spoke to contradict,
False truth which they did depict.

Every right I have to feel,
Expressing my thoughts with zeal,
True words to you I gladly reveal,
Words from my heart I do not repeal.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


B - Blessings of joy I offer you on this day.
I - Imminent praises and love come your way.
R - Ready you are to enjoy and celebrate.
T - ‘Tis a day for which you could not wait.
H - Happy you are, as anyone can see,
D - Delighted and jovial, and filled with glee.
A - A happy birthday wish I gladly send.
Y - Yes, best wishes I humbly lend.


T - Thankful I am for Him this holiday season,
H - Helping me when I needed Him; He is the Reason.
A - As I wandered and searched, with vigor and strife,
N - Never did I give up, for He was my knife.
K - Keeping Him with me, though not always did I call,
F - Finally asking Him for help, I gave it my all.
U - Undeniable Love has He bestowed upon me.
L - Leaving me never, by my side He shall always be.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

“The Door Has Flung”

The door which had opened,
Resuming to widen to no end,
Has now flung, with no closing in sight.
As I meander humbly through with delight,
One more step I must take to win the fight.
One more wall I shall destroy with powerful might.
Success is within my grasp, it is now within sight.
A prisoner I have been, for nearly a year,
Wandering and seeking there and here.
Never to be free again was my fear.
My fear is now over; to an end comes my quest.
My nomadic travels can cease; my feet can rest.
Much have I learned from my mistake,
A second chance from God I now take.
My life and future, never again shall I forsake.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


P - Pressed I am, so you say,
R - Retorting me from day to day,
E - Every time I express or relay.
S - Some may ask, are you pressed?
S - Since you first spoke, should we suggest,
E - Each time you reply, that you are stressed?
D - Do you need to lie down and rest?

“The Door Still Opens”

The door which has opened,
Continues to widen with no end.
Wider has it become for me;
Hope, even brighter, I can now see.
Will my quest finally end, can it truly be?
Will my punishment vanish, so I may go free?
Or, will my search for success again resume?
Will another year of nomadic wondering loom,
Another year filled with misery and doom?
These answers, only time and faith can reveal,
Answers I await with anxiety and zeal.
So much excitement do I feel.