Saturday, November 14, 2009

“Just Let Him Be”

These final words I hereby express,
Words that I could no longer suppress.
Though many I have lamented and cried,
On deaf ears they fell whenever I tried.

Time and time again I affirmed,
Deep from my heart I confirmed,
That I was truly over and done,
But more words I had spun.

My words were not meant to disdain,
But to express my sorrow and pain.
My disdained feelings I did reveal,
Feelings which I did not repeal.

Although I feel anger and pain,
From now on I shall refrain.
Hanging on is no good for me,
What I feel will pass, this I see.

I hereby let go and release;
All words and attacks shall cease.
Yes; honestly and truthfully,
I will just let him be.

Friday, November 13, 2009

“Misperceived #2”

Misperceived I continue to be,
By one who presumes to know me.
To the one who continues to guess,
Only one dimension you see, no more no less.

Over you I have been; I am not fixated,
But, truth be told, I am irritated,
By how you treated me, how you pushed me away.
Am I not allowed to have my say?

Meeting you has filled me with regret,
Wishing that I had never met,
One who seemed nice and decent,
But became someone I now resent.

For my actions, fault is not mine,
Mine is thinking you were benign,
But underneath lay a deceiving swine,
A well-hidden, not-so-obvious sign.

As I read your words of “philosophy”,
Your words of wisdom and “honesty”,
Anger and disgust ever consume me;
Your “truthfulness” I never did see.

Threats to you, I neither stated nor implied;
Explicit ones I would offer, so why hide?
Recent words I spoke to contradict,
False truth which they did depict.

Every right I have to feel,
Expressing my thoughts with zeal,
True words to you I gladly reveal,
Words from my heart I do not repeal.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


B - Blessings of joy I offer you on this day.
I - Imminent praises and love come your way.
R - Ready you are to enjoy and celebrate.
T - ‘Tis a day for which you could not wait.
H - Happy you are, as anyone can see,
D - Delighted and jovial, and filled with glee.
A - A happy birthday wish I gladly send.
Y - Yes, best wishes I humbly lend.


T - Thankful I am for Him this holiday season,
H - Helping me when I needed Him; He is the Reason.
A - As I wandered and searched, with vigor and strife,
N - Never did I give up, for He was my knife.
K - Keeping Him with me, though not always did I call,
F - Finally asking Him for help, I gave it my all.
U - Undeniable Love has He bestowed upon me.
L - Leaving me never, by my side He shall always be.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

“The Door Has Flung”

The door which had opened,
Resuming to widen to no end,
Has now flung, with no closing in sight.
As I meander humbly through with delight,
One more step I must take to win the fight.
One more wall I shall destroy with powerful might.
Success is within my grasp, it is now within sight.
A prisoner I have been, for nearly a year,
Wandering and seeking there and here.
Never to be free again was my fear.
My fear is now over; to an end comes my quest.
My nomadic travels can cease; my feet can rest.
Much have I learned from my mistake,
A second chance from God I now take.
My life and future, never again shall I forsake.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


P - Pressed I am, so you say,
R - Retorting me from day to day,
E - Every time I express or relay.
S - Some may ask, are you pressed?
S - Since you first spoke, should we suggest,
E - Each time you reply, that you are stressed?
D - Do you need to lie down and rest?

“The Door Still Opens”

The door which has opened,
Continues to widen with no end.
Wider has it become for me;
Hope, even brighter, I can now see.
Will my quest finally end, can it truly be?
Will my punishment vanish, so I may go free?
Or, will my search for success again resume?
Will another year of nomadic wondering loom,
Another year filled with misery and doom?
These answers, only time and faith can reveal,
Answers I await with anxiety and zeal.
So much excitement do I feel.

Friday, October 30, 2009

"Sorry to Intrude"

Sorry, I mean not to intrude,
Nor do I intend to be rude,
By your words, I was inspired,
To express myself I truly desired.
Days since I last writ a word,
Could not think of one, 'twas absurd.
Thy words hath inspired me, a new poem I have writ.
Here is another, one I relay as I sit.
From one poet to another,
A mind unlike any other,
Awestruck I am with thy talent,
These sincere words I do not repent.
From my heart, these words are sent.

"I Love the A"

Though short is this piece,
Praises and shouts I release,
To a city so grand and fun,
Never, ever will I shun.
From movies to clubs to plays,
To restaurants that feed you for days,
I shall never tire of the A.
One of the best cities, I dare say,
One in which I shall reside someday,
'Tis better and livelier than mine, I relay.
For now in my city I shall stay,
Until I can up and move away.
To finally be on my own is my goal,
My life will at last be nearly whole.
Someone special I shall surely meet
One who shall make my life complete.
My life shall forever be replete.

Monday, October 26, 2009

“P-I-S-C-E-S #2”

P - Poison thou art, though seemingly sweet.
I - Inside lies a heart full of deceit.
S - Sweet to the eyes, friendly and nice you appear.
C - Cut through my heart, though, like a spear.
E - Every thought of you brings me pain.
S - So much so, to you I offer utter disdain.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

“S-C-O-R-P-I-O #2”

S - Sweet words I send to thee,
C - Caring thoughts to you from me,
O - Outstanding friend thou art,
R - Real and true from the start,
P - Providing advice and love from the heart.
I - If only I could take you out.
O - O happy birthday to you I shout!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


S - Such a beautiful smile,
M - Magnificent, 'tis no denial.
I - Indeed, a smile so radiant,
L - Lovely and brilliant,
E - Every inch of it is vibrant.

“A-R-I-E-S #3”

A - A passionate lover, yes I claim.
R - Rough am I? Never will I proclaim.
I - Indeed not all rams are the same.
E - Endless love and care I express.
S - Surely I shall do nothing less.


H - Howling and wailing through the night,
A - All ghouls and ghosts unleash their fright,
L - Looking to spook and scare with delight.
L - Left and right the eerie ghosts appear,
O - Outing their screams to every ear,
W - Wandering the earth, year after year.
E - Every ghoul and goblin venture out,
E - Each one of them lurking about.
N - Nonstop with each shriek and shout.

Monday, October 19, 2009

“Your Hate is My Power”

You can criticize and hate,
Ostracize and discriminate
Thy words will never debilitate.
Nay, they shall make me great.
Only those who envy will hate.
You are one who could not wait,
But your puny words have no weight.
I do not wish to debate,
So goodbye and get a life, mate.

“Happy Birthday.”

Happy birthday to one so fair.
To you I send all my care.
'Tis a special day for thee,
Sweet blessing to you from me.
May your day be filled with love and joy.
May your day be one you will enjoy.
From me to you, Happy birthday.
May it be joyful all day.


C - Calm down, be still your mind.
H - Hurry not, let yourself unwind.
I - Intense thou art; leave thy worries behind.
L - Let not the world keep thee in thy bind.
L - Let your mind, body, and spirit be aligned.


H - How I feel I must relay.
A - Attracted to you I must say.
R - Really hard to keep away.
D - Damn! Baby be mine today!

Didn't They Already Learn from Ms. Runaway Bride? Really!!

Remember Jennifer, the Runaway Bride awhile back? It turned out to be a hoax, just as "Balloon Boy" was.

Well, the incident, revolving around 6-year-old Falcon Heene, who was feared to have gone joy riding in a hot-air balloon, turned out to be a big, fat hoax. It turns out that the family likes to conduct experiments and chase storms. Now, they face charges, and there may have been other people in on it. Check out the article on Yahoo! News.

“D-A-T-S W-A-S-S-U-P”

D - Done and over is this phrase,
A - And yet it is still the craze.
T - Those who continue the cliché
S - Say it with much conviction today.

W - When did this come about,
A - As all who say it still shout?
S - So overused and overplayed,
S - Still it continues to be relayed.
U - Unused it will never be.
P - People will use it with glee.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


P - Possess me? Control me? Never!
O - Oh please! I take control forever.
S - Strong and powerful I am, oh yes.
S - Shake me and break me? Surely thou jest!
E - Every part of me is mine alone.
S - Strength and willfulness I have shown.
S - Stale is your power, your domination destroyed.
I - Inside deep within, I am overjoyed.
V - Vehemently, your authority is neutralized.
E - Every drop is, now and forever, vaporized.

“A-R-I-E-S #2”

A - A truly handsome man I see,
R - Realness you convey with honesty.
I - Inside lies a heart of beauty,
E - Eyes so beautiful and lovely.
S - Smart and oh, so sexy.

“A Door Has Opened”

At long last, a door has opened for me.
Finally, I can see a great opportunity,
To start my life anew, to give it new birth,
To offer it the best that is offered on earth.
With the helping hand of a friend,
A special person, indeed, to no end,
The door was given a nudge,
A door I thought would never budge,
And success, I assumed, became too far,
But has now been left ajar.
Faith has been restored,
Never again shall it be ignored.
Wider this door shall swing,
With each step this door shall fling,
Open and wide; my heart shall surely sing.
Success is within my grasp to cherish,
Never again will I let it perish.

"V-I-R-G-O #2"

V - Very cute you are, with lovely eyes.
I - Indeed, you give my heart a rise.
R - Radiant sweetness doth thou show.
G - Great admiration I bestow.
O - Oh so cuddly, you make me glow.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Halloween 2009: Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living from the Thundercats (My Version)


S - Sweet and warm, your smile melts my heart.
A - Appeal so alluring, you set yourself apart.
G - Gallant and friendly to those you meet,
I - Inside dwells a gentleness no one can beat.
T - To gaze into your eyes is a treasure.
T - To caress your body would be the utmost pleasure.
A - A hard-working man, academic and profound,
R - Respect I bestow upon you, utter and sound.
I - Inspirational thou art, intelligent and wise,
U - Unique from other men, this I declare.
S - Sexy, smart, and handsome, no others compare.


C - Cute and cuddly thou art to me
A - A man warm and sweet, this I see.
N - Never are you boring or dull,
C - Creating exciting oh so joyful.
E - Ever so nice you are to talk to,
R - Renounce these words, never shall I do.

Friday, October 16, 2009

“W-H-A-T A-N A-S-S!”

W - What an ass, so beautiful and sexy!
H - Has anyone seen something so lovely?
A - An ass that is worth admission,
T - That ass can put a man in submission.

A - Absolutely perfect, any man would want
N - No man could resist as you dare flaunt.

A - An ass of the utmost, finest sculpture,
S - Surely it allows your sex appeal to rupture.
S - Such an sex fills every man with rapture.

"Where the Wild Things Are" Not for Kids?

Apparently, the film, "Where the Wild Things Are", based on the beloved classic story of the same name by Spike Jonze, turns out to be a hit with the adults. The adults, as children, read and know the story, but the kids of today, being drawn in by animation, seems not so "wild" about it. But, the film received good notes. I know I loved the story, so I hope to see it soon.


S - Seducing me with your appeal,
C - Caressing my heart as you reveal,
O - Outer beauty pleasing to the eyes,
R - Radiance that continues to rise,
P - Penetrating my soul with your smile,
I - Ignite my desire you do, ‘tis no denial.
O - O yes, thou are someone worthwhile.


A - A beautiful sight, a sexy man I see,
Q - Quick to capture my heart so easily.
U - Underneath your stunning physique
A - Awaits such a wondrous mystique.
R - Renders me breathless, it does so well.
I - Inside, deep within, my heart doth swell.
U - Unwavering appeal doth thou present.
S - So strong, it will never be broken or bent.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

6 Year Old Safe: No Balloon Ride After all

Well, it seems that the 6 year old, who was feared to have taken a ride on the family helium balloon, which had gliding up to 50 miles through the air, was actually hiding out at the home the whole time. According to an article on yahoo news, the child's brother said the parents were "besides themselves with worry". The balloon went up Thursday, and the Denver International Airport had to be closed down. Although people reported seeing someone fall out, the fears were laid to rest when, a week later, the child was hiding at home, safe and sound.

Monday, October 12, 2009


S - So tired and played out is this word
W - When will it die? 'Tis so absurd.
A - Atrocious is the word, certainly and for true.
G - Greatly annoying it is to both me and you.
G - Go away you bothersome irritant; we bid you adieu!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

"From Here On Out"

From here on out, this I affirm,
That from this day forward I confirm,
A better man, I shall become,
A better friend to some,
I long ever to prove to some,
But I shall first prove this to myself.
A life I shall live that's not on a shelf.
If only those I hurt would offer a chance,
If only they would shoot one more glance,
Within me they shall see a radiant glow,
A shimmering, blinding sheen from head to toe,
Then, they will see the real me inside
Never from me will they hide.
If only they could see inside my heart,
Never would they want to depart.
We could be friends from the start.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

From Yahoo! News: "Obama reaffirms will end 'don't ask, don't tell'"

By CHRISTINE SIMMONS, Associated Press Writer Christine Simmons, Associated Press Writer – 1 hr 11 mins ago

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama reaffirmed his campaign pledge to end the ban on homosexuals serving openly in the military in a speech Saturday, but offered no timetable or specifics for acting on that promise.

He acknowledged to a cheering crowd that some policy changes he promised on the campaign trail are not coming as quickly as they expected.

"I will end 'don't ask-don't tell,'" Obama said to a standing ovation from the crowd of about 3,000 at the annual dinner of the Human Rights Campaign, a gay civil rights advocacy group.
The law was passed by Congress in 1993 and signed by President Bill Clinton, who also promised to repeal the ban on homosexuals in the military but was blunted by opposition in the military and Congress. Obama said he's working with Pentagon and congressional leaders on ending the policy.

"We should not be punishing patriotic Americans who have stepped forward to serve the country," Obama said. "We should be celebrating their willingness to step forward and show such courage ... especially when we are fighting two wars."

Obama said it was no secret "our progress may be taking longer than we like." He followed this by asking supporters to trust his administration's course.

"I appreciate that many of you don't believe progress has come fast enough," Obama said. "Do not doubt the direction we are heading and the destination we will reach."
Some advocates said they already have heard Obama's promises — they just want to hear a timeline. Cleve Jones, a pioneer activist and creator of the AIDS Memorial Quilt, said Obama delivered a brilliant speech, but added "it lacked the answer to our most pressing question, which is when."

"He repeated his promises that he's made to us before, but he did not indicate when he would accomplish these goals and we've been waiting for a while now," said Jones, national co-chair of a major gay-rights rally expected to draw thousands of gay and lesbian activists to the National Mall on Sunday.

Obama also called on Congress to repeal the Defense Of Marriage Act, which limits how state, local and federal bodies can recognize partnerships and determine benefits. He also called for a law to extend benefits to domestic partners.

He expressed strong support for the Human Rights Campaign agenda — ending discrimination against gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people — but stopped short of laying out a detailed plan for how to get there.

"My expectation is that when you look back on these years you will look back and see a time when we put a stop against discrimination ... whether in the office or the battlefield," Obama said.

Obama's political energies are focused on managing two wars, the economic crisis and his attempt to reform the health care system.
His message Saturday was one of unity and support for a group that has funneled large amounts of money into Democratic coffers.

"I'm here with a simple message: I'm here with you in that fight," Obama said.
Obama also addressed those who do not favor advancing gay rights. A recent Pew Research Center poll asked about homosexual behavior, and about half said it is morally wrong. "There's still laws to change and there's still hearts to open," Obama said.

Since Obama took office in January, some advocates have complained that Obama has not followed through on promises on issues they hold dear and has not championed their causes from the White House, including ending the ban on gays serving openly in the military and pushing tough nondiscrimination policies.

Richard Socarides, who advised Clinton's administration on gay and lesbian policy, said Obama delivered "a strong speech in tone, although only vaguely reassuring in content."
"The president and Nobel winner came and paid his respects, but tomorrow many will ask: What's his plan, what's his timetable?"

In the past, Obama has urged the gay-rights community to trust him. In June, he pointed to some initial efforts, such as a presidential memorandum he issued that expands some federal benefits to same-sex partners.

Obama publicly has previously committed himself to repealing the "don't ask, don't tell" policy that allows gays and lesbians to serve in the military as long as they don't disclose their sexual orientation or act on it. But Obama hasn't taken any concrete steps urging Congress to rescind the policy, and his national security adviser last weekend would only say that Obama will focus on overturning it "at the right time."

Obama also pledged during the campaign to work for repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act. But lawyers in his administration defended the law in a court brief. White House aides said they were only doing their jobs to back a law that was already on the books.

The gay community is somewhat split as to whether Obama should be expected to produce results right away.

The Human Rights Campaign, which invited Obama to speak at its dinner Saturday night, holds out hope of seeing more action.

"We have never had a stronger ally in the White House. Never," Joe Solmonese, the group's president, said at the dinner before Obama spoke. In an interview, he said the Obama administration has been working with the group on a range of issues "on an almost weekly and sometimes daily basis."

Obama noted new hate-crimes legislation, which would make it a federal crime to assault people because of their sexual orientation. Approved by the House this week, Obama predicted it would pass the Senate and promised to sign it into law.

“Thank You”

A smile so beautiful,
One that is wonderful.
O, how I love your smile
Making my heart run a mile.
If only I could get to know
One who compliments me so.
Thank you for thy comment.
Every word I know you meant.
These words to you I have sent.

Friday, October 9, 2009


P - Pretty eyes doth thou possess.
I - In your heart lies goodness,
S - Shining ever radiantly,
C - Captivating all brilliantly.
E - Easy to talk to, friendly from the start,
S - Sexy and cute, these words are from the heart.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

“A Glimmer of Hope”

A glimmer of hope shines through the window,
Offering my life a sweet, shiny glow.
Great confidence and charisma I shall show.
With hope, what I desire they shall bestow.
At long last, I stare at hope’s eyes,
After waiting and longing for it to rise.
Can it be, that after long last, my quest shall end?
Nay; though wonderful it shall be,
To start my life anew for all to see,
The journey shall continue for me.
I grow, yet, closer to my desire.
No matter how great the fire,
My persistence, I shall not retire.
Hope is here to stay.
Never shall it go astray.
Success will be mine.
Once again, I shall shine.


C - Charismatic and confident thou art.
A - Apart from others from the start,
P - Providing wisdom and knowledge from the heart,
R - Riveting it is to have you around.
I - Indeed, no cooler person can be found.
C - Creative thou art, denied it cannot be.
O - Of all the friends that one can see,
R - Respect and reverence are bestowed to thee.
N - Never anything less would one decree.


G - Gregarious, fun and cool you are,
E - Easy-going and laid-back by far.
M - Many have not a swag like you.
I - Indeed they try but have not a clue.
N - Honest and real, but nice and sweet,
I - Inside lies a heart that none can beat.


T - Talented thou art, with much to say,
A - An author whose books shall relay
U - Undeniable creativity someday.
R - Real talent that people will crave,
U - Unmistakably, yours shall earn fame,
S - Skill and talent that will win the game.


V - Very sexy thou art, catching my eye
I - In a blink, my want for you is nigh.
R - Retract my words? Never will I try.
G - Gushing what I feel, I will not deny.
O - Oh how divine thou art, ‘tis no lie.


L - Libra, lying down relaxed and chilled,
I - Intimately attracts me as so willed.
B - Beside him in bed I want to lay.
R - Romantic kisses and touches I relay.
A - A night of passion we have 'til day.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


L = Like other leos, thou doth show much appeal.
E = Eyes, beautiful and sexy, I admire them with zeal.
O = Oh, what gentleness and warmth doest thou reveal.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


A = A creative man I am, intelligent and bright.
R = Realness and honesty I bring with delight.
I = Inside my heart lies a powerful light.
E = Express myself I do, with such creative might.
S = Stop me? None that can are in sight.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Wolverine" Slashes Out of a Performance Because of Cellphone Offender.

Actor Hugh Jackmon, aka Wolverine from X-Men, had to put a slashing halt during a preview performance of A Steady Rain because of a cellphone going off during his performance. Hugh got fed up with the person, after asking them politely to either get it, or "turn it off." The interruption "occurred during an intense moment in the play, when Jackman's character, a Chicago policeman, reveals haunting memories", according to the article.
From the article, about the play, "'A Steady Rain,' a taut drama about the relationship between two policemen, opens Tuesday for a limited engagement through Dec. 6. The play by Keith Huff already has proven to be a potent box-office winner, playing to capacity audiences since it began previews on Sept. 10." The play also stars Daniel Craig, the recent James Bond portrayer. This is Craig's theatrical debut as he costars with Hugh.
You know that little part before a movie, in which the actor gets out of character, while the viewer's cellphone rings, very loudly and obnoxiously? Well, this is a good reason to turn the phone off during the show. Well, I give it 2 claws up! Way to go Hugh!

“Goodbye to You”

So confused thou art
Thou was untrue from the start
With a phony reason from thy heart
‘Twas me thou pushed away
Nothing harsh to you did I say
Thou hast misperceived me to this day
A chance thou never gave
So your puny words please save
Your friendship I no longer crave.
Honest, sweet, and kind was I to you
I thought thou were nice to talk to
Wrong I was, never were you true.
‘Tis my fault; I trust too much
Pain do I receive as such
My heart you have left in a crutch.
An opportunity you did not take
To see the kind of friend I could make
But you could not see past my mistake.
My words and antics, only to explain,
But thou hast given so much pain,
Some of which I still retain.
Even though our “friendship” is no more,
Do not assume the worst me anymore,
Because you are still unhappy and sore
For one who wishes me away
Still so much you have to say
One wonders, Are you over me this day?
Whether the answer is yay or nay,
Please heed the words I relay
Over I have been, please stay away.
If thou see me, utter not a word
For it will sound silly and absurd
Good bye to you, my final word.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Sixth Birthday

It was a beautiful, hot, sunny day on April 19, 1987. The weather was lovely with a calm, gentle breeze off and on. Not only was it my sixth birthday, but it was also Easter. My niece, nephew, and a few of my cousins and friends came to celebrate my birthday with me. I received so many gifts, as well as a delicious birthday cake. We also had the traditional Easter egg hunt. It was an exciting, fun-filled afternoon; we were all playing and had fun. After we had the cake, and I opened all the gifts, we were going to have our Easter egg, for which none of the kids could wait. While the grown-ups went outside to hide the eggs, we had to stay inside so we could not peak. Unbeknownst to everyone else, I had secretly been seeing where the grown-ups were hiding the eggs. I was so anxious to get out there, especially since I knew where the first egg I wanted was hidden. It was hidden by a huge tree in our front yard. Determined to get that egg first, I prepared myself to get it. I was ready to push through the other kids, which would ensure that I went out first.
It was almost time for the adults to let us hunt for the eggs. We children waited patiently, yet anxiously, for the grown-ups to give the word. No one was more anxious than I was, though. I knew where the first egg was, and I was ready to go and get it. It felt so good knowing something the other kids were unaware of . Finally, the time came; the kitchen door opened, and it was time to hunt for the eggs. The moment my sister opened the door, I pushed past all the other kids, and ran toward that tree as if I were in the Olympics. I could hear in the background, “There he goes.” I ran for dear life to the tree and snatched up the first egg, the one by the large tree in our front yard. I was so happy and excited to get the egg first; it was all part of the plan. By the end of the afternoon, I found fourteen eggs. I showed them to everyone, while my cousin, who was five days older than me, scowled at me. I did not care; I had the most eggs, it was my birthday, and I had fun.
I will never forget my sixth birthday. It is one of my fondest memories; I will always remember how happy I was and how much fun I had. As if it were yesterday, I still think about it from time to time. It was my favorite birthday ever!

"When Lights Go Out"

When lights go out,
I will not make a panicked shout
Darkness I do not fear
It I surely revere
Though darkness may surround
Never will I shriek a sound.
My heart may pound,
I shall stay around;
I shall face that darkness,
I will not settle for less.
Assume you me if you wish,
But surprise will be your dish.
In the darkness, I panic not
So try me, give me your best shot.
Prove you wrong I will, on the spot.

"Halloween Approaches"

The Eve of All Hallows draws near,
As it does each and every year;
All ghosts and ghouls eerily appear.
To the people of earth they offer fright,
Creeping about, haunting with such delight,
Offering their tricks through the night.
During this night do they venture out,
Celebrating while moving about,
Giving out cries and moans ever so stout.
Alas, the celebration will come to an end,
With final boos they surely send.
One final glimpse of them do they lend.
With the end of their spooky night,
After celebrating with eerie delight,
Ghosts and ghouls fade from sight.
As the ghosts and ghouls surely leave,
With many treats no one would believe,
Have a safe and happy All Hallows Eve!

Monday, September 28, 2009

"A Life Full of Turmoil"

A life full of turmoil
Of one who treads on this soil
Will the entangled springs ever uncoil?
Once beautiful and lovely was life
Never did hardship enter nor strife
Both have entered, but refuse to leave
Neither push, nor shove, nor heave
Can remove these things from my sleeve.
One day soon, though, shall they depart
Never again will they weigh my heart
Life will renew and be vibrant from the start.
This I declare; yes, this I surely affirm
My feet will be planted nice and firm
Life will return to me abundant I confirm.
Never again will I lose sight
Of knowing wrong from what is right
Life will once again fill me with delight.
So here I stand and announce
From this day forward never will I renounce
That which life brings, I will enjoy every ounce.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

From Yahoo News: "A world first: Vaccine helps prevent HIV infection"

At last some hope. A New HIV Vaccine! Yes, it is true!...according to Yahoo! News. Check this out!!! An HIV vaccination has been created and it works. Please read this article.

"'A world first: Vaccine helps prevent HIV infection'"

"By MARILYNN MARCHIONE and MICHAEL CASEY, Associated Press Writers Marilynn Marchione And Michael Casey, Associated Press Writers – 2 hrs 21 mins ago

BANGKOK – For the first time, an experimental vaccine has prevented infection with the AIDS virus, a watershed event in the deadly epidemic and a surprising result. Recent failures led many scientists to think such a vaccine might never be possible.

The vaccine cut the risk of becoming infected with HIV by more than 31 percent in the world's largest AIDS vaccine trial of more than 16,000 volunteers in Thailand, researchers announced Thursday in Bangkok.

Even though the benefit is modest, 'it's the first evidence that we could have a safe and effective preventive vaccine,' Col. Jerome Kim said in a telephone interview. He helped lead the study for the U.S. Army, which sponsored it with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

The institute's director, Dr. Anthony Fauci, warned that this is 'not the end of the road,' but said he was surprised and very pleased by the outcome.

'It gives me cautious optimism about the possibility of improving this result' and developing a more effective AIDS vaccine, Fauci said in a telephone interview. 'This is something that we can do.'

Even a marginally helpful vaccine could have a big impact. Every day, 7,500 people worldwide are newly infected with HIV; 2 million died of AIDS in 2007, the U.N. agency UNAIDS estimates.

'Today marks an historic milestone,' said Mitchell Warren, executive director of the AIDS Vaccine Advocacy Coalition, an international group that has worked toward developing a vaccine.

'It will take time and resources to fully analyze and understand the data, but there is little doubt that this finding will energize and redirect the AIDS vaccine field,' he said in a statement.

The Thailand Ministry of Public Health conducted the study, which used strains of HIV common in Thailand. Whether such a vaccine would work against other strains in the U.S., Africa or elsewhere in the world is unknown, scientists stressed.

'This is a scientific breakthrough,' Thai Health Minister Witthaya Kaewparadai told a news conference in Bangkok. 'For the first time ever there is evidence that HIV vaccine has preventative efficacy.'

The study actually tested a two-vaccine combo in a "prime-boost" approach, where the first one primes the immune system to attack HIV and the second one strengthens the response.

They are ALVAC, from Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccine division of French drugmaker Sanofi-Aventis; and AIDSVAX, originally developed by VaxGen Inc. and now held by Global Solutions for Infectious Diseases, a nonprofit founded by some former VaxGen employees.

ALVAC uses canarypox, a bird virus altered so it can't cause human disease, to ferry synthetic versions of three HIV genes into the body. AIDSVAX contains a genetically engineered version of a protein on HIV's surface. The vaccines are not made from whole virus — dead or alive — and cannot cause HIV.

Neither vaccine in the study prevented HIV infection when tested individually in earlier trials, and dozens of scientists had called the new one futile when it began in 2003.

'I really didn't have high hopes at all that we would see a positive result,' Fauci confessed.

The results proved the skeptics wrong.

'The combination is stronger than each of the individual members,' said the Army's Kim, a physician who manages the Army's HIV vaccine program.

The study tested the combo in HIV-negative Thai men and women ages 18 to 30 at average risk of becoming infected. Half received four "priming" doses of ALVAC and two "boost" doses of AIDSVAX over six months. The others received dummy shots. No one knew who got what until the study ended.

All were given condoms, counseling and treatment for any sexually transmitted infections, and were tested every six months for HIV. Any who became infected were given free treatment with antiviral medicines.

Participants were followed for three years after vaccination ended.

Results: New infections occurred in 51 of the 8,197 given vaccine and in 74 of the 8,198 who received dummy shots. That worked out to a 31 percent lower risk of infection for the vaccine group.

The vaccine had no effect on levels of HIV in the blood of those who did become infected. That had been another goal of the study — seeing whether the vaccine could limit damage to the immune system and help keep infected people from developing full-blown AIDS.

That result is "one of the most important and intriguing findings of this trial," Fauci said. It suggests that the signs scientists have been using to gauge whether a vaccine was actually giving protection may not be valid.

'It is conceivable that we haven't even identified yet' what really shows immunity, which is both 'important and humbling' after decades of vaccine research, Fauci said.

Details of the $105 million study will be given at a vaccine conference in Paris in October.

This is the third big vaccine trial since 1983, when HIV was identified as the cause of AIDS. In 2007, Merck & Co. stopped a study of its experimental vaccine after seeing it did not prevent HIV infection. Later analysis suggested the vaccine might even raise the risk of infection in certain men. The vaccine itself did not cause infection.

In 2003, AIDSVAX flunked two large trials — the first late-stage tests of any AIDS vaccine at the time.

It is unclear whether vaccine makers will seek to license the two-vaccine combo in Thailand. Before the trial began, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said other studies would be needed before the vaccine could be considered for U.S. licensing.

Also unclear is whether Thai volunteers who received dummy shots will now be offered the vaccine. Researchers had said they would do so if the vaccine showed clear benefit — defined as reducing the risk of infection by at least 50 percent.

Those issues, plus how to proceed with future studies, will be discussed among the governments, study sponsors and companies involved in the trial, Kim said. Scientists want to know how long will protection last, whether booster shots will be needed, and whether the vaccine helps prevent infection in gay men and injection drug users, since it was tested mostly in heterosexuals in the Thai trial.

The study was done in Thailand because U.S. Army scientists did pivotal research in that country when the AIDS epidemic emerged there, isolating virus strains and providing genetic information on them to vaccine makers. The Thai government also strongly supported the idea of doing the study."

"Million Dollar Baby" THE VIDEO!!! YESSIRR!!!! GO WHITNEY!!!!!!!!

Here is the next video from Whitney Houston. It is a lovely song and a nice video. To all the Whitney fans, including myself, enjoy!!! GO WHITNEY!!!!!!!!!

I'll post new videos as they come. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"Your Words"

Lovely are thy words of sweet
Not single one skipping a beat
They are words true and sincere
Which can be lovely to hear
So be not afraid to smear
That which you hold within
Your creativity causes me to grin
Continue to write your heart
So that others can set you apart
From those afraid to impart
Thou art truly creative,
Thy words art inventive
I bow my head to you,
And your words I graciously view
Much love I give to you.


For the topic is why I am here
A topic I so much revere
To the author I tip my hat
Cannot be more appreciative than that
This topic I truly adore
I am here to express and nothing more
No matter the opinions of some
If you think I care you're dumb
My reason for being here
Are my thoughts which I smear
Denied may be my talent
But never shall I allow one bad comment
To deter me from that which I say
Never will I go for I am here to stay
So take thy comments oh so drear away
And never bother me again on any day
'Tis so true that I am through with thee
Never again will I "bother"; thou shall see.


So many have misperceived me
For I am not what they see
Assumptions are made
When mistakes are played
To their hands from mine
Sweet, kind, and nice I am
I am neither fraud nor sham
Never would I ever scam
One must know what lies within
Honest and real, no way else to win
Friendship from those I meet
With a simple, warm greet
Though I may cause inadvertent alarm,
I am nice, sweet; I mean no harm
For my flaws please forgive
I strive to correct them as I live
I have so much love to give
Though it is too late for some,
A better man I shall become

Monday, September 14, 2009

From AT&T/Yahoo: "Houston to Winfrey: Brown was emotionally abusive"

I'm so glad that Whitney divorced Bobby Brown. He did nothing but drag her down. If I saw Bobby, I'd kick his ass for slapping Whitney and being emotionally abusive to her. Whitney can do a whole lot better than Bobby. I'm glad her mom stepped in and took a stand. I can't wait to see the interview tomorrow. Stay tuned!!

"'Dirty Dancing' star Patrick Swayze dies at 57" from AT&T/Yahoo. So sad

Poor Patrick. I remember him in "Ghost" as well as "Tango and Cash", and "Dirty Dancing" Rest in peace, Patrick. You can dirty dance for God now and entertain him. We will all miss you. R.I.P.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another new poem.. a poem comprised of several haiku. Enjoy.

“A Haiku of Poems”

You I do ignore
I only wish to create
Nice poems for all

Please do not block me
From this creative topic
I wish to express

Yay! Another thread
O, From my head I shall pour
Thoughtful words for all.

To you I shant speak
I wish only to express
That which my heart sings

If you deny me
from expressing myself well
O, I shall be hurt.

I adore such threads
As these, which inspire my thoughts
And my true feelings.

A new poem from me.

22. "Regrets to a Friend"

So sorry to those I badly impress
With my abundant love and friendliness, which I do not suppress
People I meet, I mean not to smother, nevertheless I inadvertently harm
'Twas not my intention to impose my friendship to one who's life was filled with such stress.
If I could turn back the hands of time, how I would better address
But my love and friendship were too much, this I sincerely confess.
My heart aches and cries out to make amends
But useless is my attempt for it still offends
No chance did you bestow to me
Upon yourself an opportunity to see
The best friend I could ever be
'Tis my fault, now and forever
Wilt thou forgive me ever?
Canst thou find within thy heart
So that we can have a fresh start
To be friends, ones that can never part?
More respectful should I have been
I would have been a dear, sweet friend
One that would be there to hear
Words and thoughts from him so dear
Whether news of joy or that which bringeth a tear
So happy he would have been to know
That a friend here could show
The care and love I canst bestow.
Alas, 'twill never be
A poor friend he saw in me.
Forever in my heart I shall regret
My behavior to a potential friend I met
Sorrow in my heart shall forever be set
To my old friend, I am truly sorry
For not being the true friend I could be.
Much love I do send
This is the end.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Stay tuned for the 24th season opener of the Oprah Winfrey Show, as Oprah begins the season with a 1-on-1 interview with Whitney Houston!!!

According to an article on AT&T/Yahoo, both Oprah's and Whitney's prayers were answered that the two of them could sit down and have the best interview that Oprah has ever experienced. The interview will air on Monday, September 14, and Tuesday, September 15.

Despite her defensiveness of her drug use and Bobby Brown with Diane Sawyer in 2002, according to the article, "Now with her marriage to Bobby Brown over (the divorce finalized in 2007) and her new album 'I Look to You' entering the charts at No. 1, Whitney Houston has shed some demons and is ready to get truthful with her fans."

Here is a clip of the interview with Oprah and Whitney, courtesy of Yahoo video.

Well, the prayers of both Whitney and Oprah worked. According to the article, "'There wasn't a question that I asked that she didn't answer thoughtfully,' Oprah told Diane Sawyer Thursday morning. And no topic was off limits, including Whitney's drug use, her marriage to Bobby Brown, and even her fears about returning to the spotlight."

So stay tuned for the 24th season of the Oprah Winfrey Show with the opening 1-on-1 interview with Whitney Houston. I know I'm going to watch it; be on the look out. It's Monday, September 14, and Tuesday, September 15. Check it out.

"Look to You" THE VIDEO!!! YESSIRR!!!! GO WHITNEY!!!!!!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the video
to "I Look to You", by Whitney Houston!!!
Yay!!! This is for all the Whitney fans,
young and old, including me.
So give it up for Ms. Whitney!!!!!

GO WHITNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fan til the end! Yessir!!!!

Well, it looks like the softer side of Sears has fallen on its hard side

It seems that not too many people are seeing the softer side of Sears these days. Days become harder as the place of the famous Craftman and other famous products has "totally lost touch with the American consumer," says an analyst, according to a report on AT&T/Yahoo.

According to the article, "'The long awaited turnaround story at Sears may never happen. Why? Because reclusive hedge fund impresario and Sears Holding Corp. Chairman Edward Lampert doesn't know [how] to run a retail business,' says Jeff Matthews of hedge fund RAM Partners."

Stocks could fall as low as 50%, further resulting in Sears' doomed future. It seems that Sears has been failing since it merged with Kmart. Jeff Matthews affirms that Sears is no longer in touch with us customers.

Lampert doesn't seem to know what he's doing with the company. According to the article, "Here's what bothers him (Matthews) about Lampert's management of the once fabled retailer:

• Lack of investment in stores. 'The stores are terrible; they don’t look any better than they did five years ago. In fact, they look worse.' Matthews notes Wal-Mart spends tens of billions a year on stores, while Sears is spending about $200 million. That's no way to compete.

• No retail expert at the helm. For more than 18 months, Sears has had an 'interim' CEO, Matthews notes. Until they hire someone more permanent with retail know-how they're doomed, he says. 'I kept waiting for five years: when is he going to hire the guy? Never happened.'"

So, it looks like Sears, a place of great shopping that we've all come to know and love, will be closing its doors. We will no longer be able to see the softer side of Sears. It's the end of an era.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sorority Row!!

I want to see this so bad. It looks so gory and scary. I love scary movies. Can't wait to see it. If y'all like scary and gory movies, check this movie out, "Sorority Row." Try not to scream to loudly. LOL

Well, Ms. Winfrey Hopes that Chris Brown Gets Counseling for Beating Rihanna, but Chris didn't appreciate her comments.

Here is a report from AT&T/Yahoo regarding comments about Chris Brown and his beating Rihanna. Quote:

Oprah Winfrey has defended herself after Chris Brown criticized the TV mogul for not being more supportive of him after he assaulted ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

"I commend Oprah on being like, 'This is a problem,' but it was a slap in my face," Chris told People in this week's issue, referencing an episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on domestic abuse that ran earlier this year, one which was inspired by the February 8 incident. "I did a lot of stuff for her, like going to Africa and performing for her school. She could have been more helpful, like, 'OK, I'm going to help both of these people out.'"

However, according to Oprah, it's not her help that Chris needs.

"And if a man hits you once, he will hit you again," she added. "He will hit you again. I don't care what his plea is."

In August, Chris was sentenced to five years' probation, six months of community labor in his home state of Virginia and a year of domestic violence counseling after pleading guilty to a felony assault charge against Rihanna."

Go to to check it out for yourself.

Monday, August 3, 2009

This is for the lovers and romantics.

In need of love and romance? These old school videos should put you in the mood. Enjoy ladies and gents. From me to you.

1. Whitney Houston: “I Will Always Love You”

2. Whitney Houston: “All the Man That I Need”

3. Whitney Houston: “Saving All My Love for You”

4. Patti LaBelle: “Somebody Loves You (You Know Who It Is)”

5. New Edition: “I’m Still in Love with You”

6. Atlantic Starr: “Always”

Atlantic Starr - Always

7. Luther Vandross: “Always and Forever”

8. Luther Vandross: “Heaven Knows”

9. Luther Vandross: “Here and Now”

10. Chanté Moore: “Love’s Taken Over”

11. Jeffrey Osborne: “You Should Be Mine (The Woo Woo Song)”

12. Tony Terry: “With You”

13. Anita Baker: “Sweet Love”

14. Oleta Adams: “Get Here”

15. Jesse Powell: “You”

Head's up!!!! Alvin, Simon, and Theodore are back!! CHIPMUNKS: THE SQUEAKUEL! Hooray hooray!!

I saw the preview for the new Chipmunks movie, Chipmunks: the Squeakuel. It's with the female chipmunks, Brittany, Jeanette, and Eleanor. The Fantastic Four is on Demand for free this month, and it showed the preview of the second Chipmunks movie. I can't wait to see; it should be as hilarious as the first, probably more so.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Some inspirational music videos for those who believe in making impossible things possible. Anything is possbile. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Here are a couple of inspirational videos. One is "We Can", by Leann Rimes; the other one is "One Moment in Time", by Whitney Houston. Enjoy.

1. "We Can" - Leann Rimes

2. Whitney Houston: "One Moment in Time"

Friday, July 31, 2009

For my Spanish speakers

For those of you who speak Spanish, and would like to be able to type in Spanish, I have the keyboard codes so that you may utilize them. They include the accented letters, the letter ñ, the upside-down question mark, and the upside-down exclamation point. Also included are the capitalized accented letters. Enjoy!

á = ALT + 0225
é = ALT + 0233
í = ALT + 0237
ñ = ALT + 0241
ó = ALT + 0243
ú = ALT + 0250
ü = Alt + 0252
¿ = ALT + 0191
¡ = ALT + 0161
Á = ALT + 0193
É = ALT + 0203
Í = ALT + 0205
Ñ = ALT + 0209
Ó = ALT + 0211
Ú = ALT + 0218
Ü = ALT + 0220

A pic of that sexy Jeremih

Here he is ladies and gents. A pic of that hot, sexy Jeremih. This is close enough to a shirtless pic that I could find for now. Enjoy!

Another One of My Favorite Singers: Vanessa Williams

Here are some of Miss Vanessa's videos of some of my favorite songs of hers. Enjoy.

1. Vanessa Williams: “The Right Stuff”

2. Vanessa Williams: “Dreamin’”

3. Vanessa Williams: “Darlin’ I”

4. Vanessa Williams: “Save the Best for Last”

5. Vanessa Williams: “The Way That You Love”

6. Vanessa Williams: “The Sweetest Days”

7. Vanessa Williams: “Colors of the Wind”

8. Vanessa Williams and Brian McKnight: “Love Is”

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I love these songs. They're such great dancing songs. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga: “Poker Face”

Lady Gaga: “Just Dance”

New Video from Hot Sexy Jeremih

Here's a listening event for Whitney's new album, "I Look to You". Enjoy!

OMG! I can't wait! She's coming. The wait is nearly over.

Whitney's new album drops on August 31, not September 1st. I know I can't wait. She still sounds good, no matter what others say or think. I love her new song; she will get better after she's been back awhile. She's Whitney, and she's going to bounce back better than ever. So, move over Beyoncé, Alicia, Rihanna, and all you other divas, the supreme diva is back. Go Whitney!!!!!

Here is the song list on her new CD.

The final track listing is as follows:

1. Million Dollar Bill
2. Nothin' But Love
3. Call You Tonight
4. I Look To You
5. Like I Never Left (feat. Akon)
6. A Song For You
7. I Didn't Know My Own Strength
8. Worth It
9. For The Lovers
10. I Got You
11. Salute

Another Favorite Song...

Whitney Houston: "One Moment in Time"

She's back! Whitney Houston!!

Videos of my favorite Whitney Houston songs, here for you to enjoy.

1. Whitney Houston: "Try It On My Own"

2. Whitney Houston: “I Learned from the Best”

3. Whitney Houston: “My Love is Your Love”

4. Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey: “When You Believe”

5. Whitney Houston: “Step by Step”

6. Whitney Houston and Cece Winans: “Count on Me”

7. Whitney Houston: “The Star-Spangled Banner”

8. Whitney Houston: “Run to You”

9. Whitney Houston: “I Have Nothing”

10. Whitney Houston: “I Will Always Love You”

11. Whitney Houston: “Miracle”

12. Whitney Houston: “All the Man That I Need”

13. Whitney Houston: “I’m Your Baby Tonight”

14. Whitney Houston: “Where Do Broken Hearts Go?”

15. Whitney Houston: “So Emotional”

16. Whitney Houston: “Didn’t We Almost Have It All”

17. Whitney Houston: “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)”

18. Whitney Houston: “The Greatest Love of All”

19. Whitney Houston: “How Will I Know”

20. Whitney Houston: “Saving All My Love for You”

21. Whitney Houston: “You Give Good Love”

22. Whitney Houston: “One Moment in Time”

One of my favorite songs...

Amy Grant: "I Will Remember You." It is such a touching, heart-warming song. If you've broken up with, or recently divorced from someone you loved, then this is a great song to hear. I got a little teary-eyed from hearing the song. Here is the video of the song; you can find it on Youtube. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kelly Clarkson's New Single Controversy: All She Never Wanted

Posted Mon Jul 27, 2009 12:15pm PDT by Lyndsey Parker in Reality Rocks

Poor Kelly Clarkson. It seems like the girl just can't catch a break. Even though she's returned to her sugary pop sound after famously feuding with her label over artistic differences, she's still battling Sony-BMG over her latest single. And once again, when it comes to this feud, I am Team Kelly. I'm always Team Kelly. We all remember what happened in 2007, when the original American Idol tried to shed her "America's sweetheart" image by going for a darker, edgier, grittier sound on her largely self-penned (and largely underrated) third album, My December, and a massive battle with Sony-BMG label honcho Clive Davis ensued. So for her recently released fourth album, All I Ever Wanted, Kelly got back in line and went back to pure pop, letting slick songwriters-for-hire like Sweden's Max Martin provide her with hits, hits, hits--like the record-breaking, "Since U Been Gone"-soundalike smash, "My Life Would Suck Without You." But her life is to starting to suck again, it seems--as the album's third single, "Already Gone," has created yet another Kelly controversy.
Apparently, according to an interview she did on Canadian radio this past weekend, Kelly fought once again with her label over "Already Gone," a song she co-wrote with OneRepublic's Ryan Tedder (the Midas-touched man behind such radio smashes as Leona Lewis's "Bleeding Love," Jordin Sparks' "Battlefield," Jennifer Lopez's "Do It Well," and Natasha Bedingfield's "Love Like This," among other hits). She told Canada's CBC that she battled to keep the ballad from being included on All I Ever Wanted after she realized it bore an uncanny resemblance to Beyonce's "Halo"--a song that, perhaps not coincidentally, was also written by Ryan Tedder.