Friday, November 13, 2009

“Misperceived #2”

Misperceived I continue to be,
By one who presumes to know me.
To the one who continues to guess,
Only one dimension you see, no more no less.

Over you I have been; I am not fixated,
But, truth be told, I am irritated,
By how you treated me, how you pushed me away.
Am I not allowed to have my say?

Meeting you has filled me with regret,
Wishing that I had never met,
One who seemed nice and decent,
But became someone I now resent.

For my actions, fault is not mine,
Mine is thinking you were benign,
But underneath lay a deceiving swine,
A well-hidden, not-so-obvious sign.

As I read your words of “philosophy”,
Your words of wisdom and “honesty”,
Anger and disgust ever consume me;
Your “truthfulness” I never did see.

Threats to you, I neither stated nor implied;
Explicit ones I would offer, so why hide?
Recent words I spoke to contradict,
False truth which they did depict.

Every right I have to feel,
Expressing my thoughts with zeal,
True words to you I gladly reveal,
Words from my heart I do not repeal.

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