Saturday, November 14, 2009

“Just Let Him Be”

These final words I hereby express,
Words that I could no longer suppress.
Though many I have lamented and cried,
On deaf ears they fell whenever I tried.

Time and time again I affirmed,
Deep from my heart I confirmed,
That I was truly over and done,
But more words I had spun.

My words were not meant to disdain,
But to express my sorrow and pain.
My disdained feelings I did reveal,
Feelings which I did not repeal.

Although I feel anger and pain,
From now on I shall refrain.
Hanging on is no good for me,
What I feel will pass, this I see.

I hereby let go and release;
All words and attacks shall cease.
Yes; honestly and truthfully,
I will just let him be.

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